Implemented in 2009, the graduate program has master's and PhD degrees in Technology. It aims to train highly qualified professionals for research and teaching in the Technology field in order to meet the demand for innovation and specific academic research for organizations, society and the country.

The graduate program in Technology contemplates the transmission of basic and specific knowledge in the technological areas allied to a systematic interdisciplinary, theoretical and practical reflection. The program encourages the reflection and analysis of application and development of new technologies that are located at the border between the different areas of knowledge. It is in this sense that the program proposes to incorporate candidates with different academic backgrounds, both in the masters and in the PhD program. The program has students with different backgrounds, such as: engineering, architecture, physics, mathematics, statistics, biology, chemistry, computing, among others.

The program has three areas of research: Materials Science, Computing and Communication Systems and Environment.

E-mail: posgrad@ft.unicamp.br

Prof. Dr. Enelton Fagnani
Phone: +55 19 2113 3401

Danielle Emanuelle Ap. Ribeiro
Phone: +55 19 2113-3332