Luis Augusto Angelotti Meira

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Luis Augusto Angelotti Meira

Professor Doutor - MS3.2

Informações de Contato

Telefone: (19) 2113-3364

Publicações Recentes

Journal Articles (Revistas)
   [2016] Selection of Representative Models for Decision Analysis Under Uncertainty.
   [2014] A systematic approach to bound factor-revealing LPs and its application to the metric and squared metric facility location problems.
   [2014] acc-Motif: Accelerated Network Motif Detection.
   [2012] How far do we get using machine learning black-boxes?
   [2011] Semidefinite Programming Based Algorithms for the Sparsest Cut Problem.
   [2005] A greedy approximation algorithm for the uniform metric labeling problem analyzed by a primal-dual technique.

Conference Papers  (Congressos)
  [2015] Fusion Tree Sorting.
  [2012] A Systematic Approach to Bound Factor Revealing LPs and Its Application to the Metric and Squared Metric Facility Location Problems.
  [2012] Accelerated Motif Detection Using Combinatorial Techniques.
  [2010] How Far You Can Get Using Machine Learning Black-Boxes.
  [2009] Attribute-Value Specification in Customs Fraud Detection: A Human-Aided Approach.
  [2008] Uses of artificial intelligence in the Brazilian customs fraud detection system.
  [2008] A Continuous Facility Location Problem and its Application to a Clustering Problem.
  [2004] A Greedy Approximation Algorithm for the Uniform Labeling Problem Analyzed by a Primal-Dual Technique.